11 November 2012

busy time for one month...

it's been almost 1 month i'm disappear...
I'm so sorry for that, currently was busy busy busy...

for the past one month, i was attending for Miss Hypertune 2012/2013 semi final.
unfortunately i was not selected for the final round.
but anyway, is a good experience to gain there.
great meeting all the pretties :)

started with the mtv shoot photo shoot by me/pretties/photographer..

continue with some preview event at chulo cafe, jaya one

and below is some of the semi final shoot...
come with my group members 1st...

and the final on 10th November....i couldn't attend it cause of something on..
but is happy to announce that the top 3 winner...
congratulation my pretty dears...

Oh ya...FYI, the final is on 3rd November

and the next day...4th November
i was slept at almost 3am after the semi final, and woke at 6am the next day..@@
for shooting session at Pantai Jeram

some photo "stolen" from facebook from the photographer...XD


my leg was hurt, or else i should able to do some sexy posy....xp

anyway, is another great experience for me because it was a BIG HUGE photo shooting group on that day...

can you guys imagine...is about 80 peoples that day (i think...) =='''

 Done for the updating my blog and is time to prepare for work again...
Jason Jason....:'(


16 October 2012

We Barter We Care

Ang Ang Ang ...
Doraemon is now 100years before his birth.

Happy birthday to him!

Sunway Giza Mall is currently holding an event which organized by Memopillow.
We Barter, We Care"just swap your toys with our paper craft Doraemon now!"
Is started 13-21 October 2012.
To view more information, you may log on their facebook page too.

How this work actually?
So this the the memopillow webpage.
Step 1: you have to register & summit your toy to them
Step 2: Qualified to participate if your toy has met their requirements
Step 3: Let's experience the bartering fun at Sunway Giza Mall

So that day, Ramona, WenWen, Janet and I went to Sunway Giza Mall centre court and we found this event...

Wecome, the entrance...

you have a cute Doraemon chop on your hand as a pass

These is the brochure front and back page

And we will saw a lot a lot of Doraemon 

Do you spot any nice or favorite Doraemon?

at the other corner, there is some other character...

Before out from their booth, you will saw transperant Doraemon....
can you see him?

There is some important things that you might needed to know:


Oct 13-19, 2012 - Toys Submission & Matching Day
  1. To be our memopillow® barterer, you may select online register or on the spot register through our booth. Then submit your toys to us.
  2. We will QC the toys and determine if you are qualified to barter with our paper craft Doraemon.
  3. While you're submitting your barter toys, make sure your item has been in a smoke free or pet free home—it helps assure beneficiary that fabrics are smoke-odor free and will not trigger any pet allergies.
  4. All the qualified barterers are eligible to pick any one of the paper craft Doraemon before they exit the bartering pool.
  5. We will do the final matching for all the barterers.
Oct 20, 2012 - Swapping Day
  1. Each paper craft Doraemon will be rewarded to 1 barterer only.
  2. We will internally draw for a lucky barterer to swap with the paper craft Doraemon if there's more than 1 people asking for a same paper craft Doraemon.

2. Bartering Schedule

10:00am – 11:00am(A) Opening speech by Organizer & Title Sponsor.
(B) Token of appreciation.

11:00am – 11:30am
Introduction of memopillow & Barter System.

11:30am – 12:30pm
Certificate Presentation.

12:30pm – 01:00pm
Doraemon Paper Craft Design Competition Results Announcement & Awards Presentation.

01:00pm – 06:30pm
(A) Toys Swapping.
(B) Interview & Photography

Each paper craft Doraemon will be rewarded to one lucky winner in the bartering game. The rest of selected toys will be donated to our charity organizations "ICMC" & "World Vision", and they are not returnable.
** Terms and conditions apply
** Schedule above might be changed.

3. Bartering Rules & Regulations

  1. The bartering is open to all Malaysia registered attendees only.
  2. Entrants must be registered as a memopillow® barterer at time of entry submissions. Non-barterer and those who have not yet registered are prohibited from entering the bartering pool until they formally register for the convention at www.memopillow.com.
  3. While you’re submitting your barter toys, make sure your item has been in a smoke free or pet free home—it helps assure beneficiary that fabrics are smoke-odor free and will not trigger any pet allergies.
  4. memopillow® will only accept the terms below and make sure it applies to your barter item.
    • New In Box: A product that is new in box if it remains in the original packaging from the time of purchase and has not been opened.
    • Gently Used: Toys in gently used condition have no scratches or blemishes and are in original condition.
    • Excellent: Toys in excellent condition are clean, and have only very small nicks or scratches.
    • Very Good: Very good condition toys have some scratches but no dents.
    • Good: Good condition toys have some scratches and dents.
  5. memopillow® will reject if the terms below was found on your barter item.
    • Fair: Well-worn toys in fair condition may have dents or warping.
    • Poor: Toys in poor condition are highly damaged, but may be good for parts.

So, what are you guys waiting for?
This is the chance you enjoy the bartering system, helping people out there, and had fun during the whole process!
I will participate, am packing some toys to them....
but i couldn't find a good condition toys...my teddy bear was once donated, and current was too dirty cause it expose to dusty air...
OMG! can a windmill consider a toy? haha!
How bout a fairy magic stick?
A pen with nice cartoon decoration?
Is it a cartoon seal consider a toy?

Hope something i meantion is a toy to them...lol...

Remember, the last day to submit your toy is on this FRIDAY (19 October 2012)!